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Lee Ann Kelley, MD

Welcome to the Maricopa County Medical Society!

It is with great pleasure that I serve as the President of the Maricopa County Medical Society (MCMS) for 2020.

I began my involvement with MCMS in 2013 and joined the Board of Directors in 2014. Through a variety of positions, I have learned more about medicine in Maricopa County and helped to shape the future direction of MCMS.

Our goals for 2020 are to:

  • Re-energize our membership base
  • Increase the value of membership
  • Increase the number of physician members
  • Increase revenue from business services
  • Produce four high-quality Arizona Physician magazines

Throughout over 26 years of practicing medicine, I have become an entrepreneur and took many risks to improve the quality of clinical trials and its impact on medicine. As President of MCMS, I want to showcase the amazing work of physicians in the Valley of the Sun. I continue to fight for the unique role physicians play in the care of patients. Physicians care deeply for our patients and the populations we serve. We joined medicine to help others and to create a healthier society for ourselves, our neighbors and families, and the next generation.

I joined MCMS in 2013, in order to network with fellow physicians, learn from others, and get tips for how to run a private practice. As medicine in Maricopa County has shifted away from private practice and toward physicians being employed, there is a greater need for community among physicians. MCMS is where doctors come together. We are a strong, collective physician voice. I urge you to become a member and recruit colleagues through our Refer-a-Physician program.

Lee Ann Kelley, MD

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