Andrew Carroll, MD
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Andrew Carroll, MD
I am a very active solo Family Physician, and have practiced advocacy from the beginning of my career. It is crucial that physicians, but particularly primary care physicians, are recognized for their myriad contributions to the health and welfare of every single person whom steps through a doorway, be it a clinic, urgent care, emergency room, nursing home, and even their own home. Physicians have long stood by and let the industry dominate their profession, leading to physician burnout and early career changes. This must stop. It is important for organized medicine to provide the support and advocacy necessary to provide a means for delivering comprehensive healthcare.

 Through my past leadership positions in ArMA as the AMA-OMSS Arizona Chair, as well as moving up the Board ladder for the AzAFP, having served as President during a tumultuous time in our organization’s history, and continuing to serve as Arizona Delegate to the American Academy of Family Physicians, serving on several ADHS and AZ Legislative task forces, I have learned that having a seat at a table is only that—sometimes you need to stand up to be seen and heard and I’m ready to do that for any organization that looks out for the welfare of physicians and their patients. Hopefully I can provide that to MCMS. 

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