Update as of March 31, 2020.

Telehealth Discussion: Click here to listen to a teleconference with expert Don Graf regarding telehealth and considerations for physicians to consider before selecting a telehealth platform.

MCMS Letter to Governor Ducey: Click here for the letter MCMS President Dr. Lee Ann Kelley sent to the Governor of Arizona on March 29 urging a shelter-in-place order. The Governor signed the order on March 30.

Volunteer for Response: Register online with the Arizona Emergency System for the Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (AZ-ESAR-VHP). Once registered, request membership into the COVID-19 Response. Another option is to submit your information to the Maricopa County Medical Society.

Physician Needs and Questions: MCMS understands the pandemic has led to massive patient cancellations, staff concerns, and worry about the short and long-term impacts on the health of patients. MCMS is ready to find answers to your questions. Submit them online.

Weekly Calls: The Maricopa County Department of Public Health is holding weekly calls on Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. with healthcare providers to share information. Click here to register for the calls. Here are notes from the call on 3/31/2020.

PPE: Maricopa County Department of Public Health has received its second of two shipments of personal protective equipment (PPE) from the state, which it received from the federal Strategic National Stockpile. They are providing PPE to hospitals and urgent care facilities caring for the sickest patients. Public health will not be able to supply PPE to outpatient and private practice physicians. Review the CDC strategies to optimize PPE.

Guidelines from Maricopa County Department of Public Health

COVID-19 Testing: Healthcare Provider Guidance (PDF) (as of 3/19/2020)

Primary Care Pediatric Guidelines (PDF) (as of 3/19/2020)

Social Distancing Guidelines (PDF) (as of 3/20/2020)

Home Isolation Guidelines (PDF) (as of 3/20/2020)

PUI and Household Contact Guidance (PDF) (as of 3/10/2020)

Healthcare Provider Post-Exposure Guidance for Healthcare Facilities (PDF) (as of 3/10/2020)

Click here for additional resources for healthcare providers from the Maricopa County Department of Public Health.

An illustration of the SARA-CoV-2 coronavirus, courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Illustration by Alissa Eckert and Dan Higgins, CDC.

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