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Click here to join today. Practicing physicians pay only $250 in annual dues.

On behalf of the Maricopa County Medical Society, we wish to thank you for your dedication to the citizens of our community. Your commitment to providing high quality healthcare throughout the Valley of the Sun is what we stand for, and we aim to help you focus your time on doing what you do best.

MCMS understands the needs of physicians and recognizes that not all physicians are alike. Those that deliver medicine in the private practice arena have a unique set of needs that MCMS has long been poised to meet. Those practicing medicine in any of our region's excellent hospital or clinics have a different set of needs, and MCMS is striving to adapt to this growing population of physicians. Despite the differences in what the employed and self-employed physician want and need, medicine can only survive through a unified physician voice.

The strength of medicine here in Arizona, especially throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area, is critically dependent upon the physicians of yesterday, today, and tomorrow working together. We recognize that physicians of tomorrow are a vital part of physician autonomy, and that the future of how healthcare is delivered rests firmly on their shoulders. But to get there they need the mentorship and lessons learned passed on by those still practicing and those who have since left a distinguished career in medicine behind.

The cost of membership in MCMS is one of the lowest in the nation. We know that with specialty societies and other organizational commitments, physicians have to be selective. We want to ensure that every member gets considerable value for the price of membership. Taking advantage of one or more of our business partnerships all but pays for your annual dues. We also run a physician referral line and referred over 10,000 patients to members in 2014. Depending upon your speciality, one or two referrals may well cover the cost of membership.

So join today. Let us help you continue deciding what care your patients need — and when they need care. Let us help you navigate the complexity of a changing national healthcare system that puts more and more pressure on our physicians.          

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