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On behalf of the Maricopa County Medical Society I want to personally thank you for joining one of the first County Societies in the US. 

Founded in 1892, the MCMS has been instrumental in assisting physicians in various ways by establishing businesses to serve the physician members of the association. These services have evolved over the years. Initially MCMs established a medical library, a physician telephone answering service, supplied physician offices with qualified support staff, founded a school to train staff for physicians’ offices and helped physicians in the collection of delinquent accounts. We are also focused on bringing physicians, medical students and residents together for meet and greet events like our social events, health law forums or our highly anticipated yearly dinner in October. With the growing number of medical schools in Maricopa and the overlapping clinical sites, it is more important than ever to bring together both physicians and students for networking and patient advocacy to reach the ultimate goal of better patient care. 

As a diverse group of individuals with so many cultural, social, and spiritual backgrounds physicians can come together as one voice and share personal experiences to help shape the myriad of public policy issues. With the high burnout rate among physicians it had been shown that advocating for our patients does help to reduce the stress and burnout. Physician advocacy is not new but has become a hot topic since we are more aware, now than ever before, that the social determinants of health affect every aspect of healthcare delivery. It is a reality faced by physicians on a daily basis from soaring prices of medications, to drug addiction, to discussions about safety of guns. 
Welcome to MCMS 

May Mohty, MD, FAAP



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