Why partner with MCMS?
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Partnering with MCMS

Maricopa County Medical Society (MCMS) historically  focused on finding ways to connect business with its member physicians. For over 128 years, MCMS has continually evolved to help meet the ever changing needs of its physician membership. To ensure business connections are in the best interest of those physicians within the membership. MCMS works with businesses so they can help small private practices to midsize group practices to large hospital based physicians. 

Connecting & Vetting:

MCMS continuously connects with local and regional businesses so they can be a top source of reliable information to its membership. MCMS member physicians rely on recommendations by MCMS when making decisions on business topics such as:

  • Accounting & Taxes providers
  • Human Resources providers
  • Insurance providers
  • Financial providers
  • Telehealth providers
  • Technology providers
  • Digital & Social Media providers
  • Office suppliers
  • Janitorial service providers

If your business falls into one of the mentioned categories above, MCMS may be able to facilitate connections with physicians in Maricopa County, the largest growing county in the country and the fifth largest concentration of physicians in the United States. 

Event Sponsorship: 

Through event sponsorship, organizations can gain a direct access to current and prospective physician members by sponsoring one, two, three or all four events that MCMS puts together. From three seasonal events to a signature annual event, MCMS sets the right pathways for you to reach Maricopa County physician audiences. 

Arizona Physician Magazine:

Arizona Physician helps you and your business reach over 12,700 physicians in Maricopa County, the nation's fastest growing county and fifth largest concentration of physicians. This publication is fast becoming the premier physician led magazine that features compelling up to date healthcare content important to all physicians in Arizona.

Arizona Physician Podcast:

Starting in June 2020, MCMS will add another dimension to Arizona Physician. A podcast named Arizona Physician Podcast will feature an array of subjects, topics and distinguished guests. The podcast will focus on issues important to Maricopa County physicians and those working in their sphere of influence.

Digital & Social Media:

MCMS can helps you reach current & prospective member physicians, practice & office managers, and healthcare executives through a variety of digital and social media platforms. From direct email announcements, specialty mailing lists, MCMS website pages, to social media postings your company can reach MCMS physician members in many different but effective ways. 

Contact Us:

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