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Policy Committee

The MCMS Policy Committee reviews and considers policy issues that may impact the practice of medicine. Topics for consideration are introduced by the Board of Directors or by individual members of the medical society. The committee recommends actions that may be taken in response those issues.

Meet The Comittee

Fadul, Zaid MD_edited.jpg

Zaid Fadul, MD

Committee Chair 

Greg Aran DO.jpg

Greg Aran, DO

Committee Member 

Susan Pansing MD.jpeg

Susan Pansing, MD

Committee Member

Yousif Yonan MD 1.jpg

Yousif Yonan, MD

Committee Member

Leonard Kirschner MD 1.jpg

Leonard Kirschner, MD

Committee Member

Policy Positions

The MCMS Board of Directors approved the following positions on bills introduced in the 55th Legislature, Second Regular Session of the Arizona State Legislature:



HB2429 (physicians; wellness programs; confidentiality) by Rep. Shah (D-LD 24) would allow any statewide association that primarily represents licensed physicians to establish a "physician wellness program." A record of a physician's participation in such a program would be confidential and not subject to discovery, subpoena, or a reporting requirement unless under certain circumstances.


HB2020 (vaccination mandates; exemptions) by Rep. Kaiser (R-LD 15) would allow any person that can show that they have any antibodies to COVID-19 to be exempt from any vaccination requirement.

HB2022 (health emergencies; treatment; vaccinations; repeal) by Rep. Finchem (R-LD 11) would remove the ability of the Governor to mandate any treatment or vaccination for any person during a state of emergency where there is a threat of a contagious virus.

HB2029 (vaccination; evidence of immunity; prohibition) by Rep. Blackman (R- LD 6) would prohibit the state from requiring any person to receive a vaccination for COVID-19 and prohibit discrimination against any person based on not receiving a vaccine.  Would prevent the state from entering into a contract with any business that requires vaccinations.

SB1009 (state of emergency; executive powers) by Rep. Ugenti-Rita (R- LD 23) limits the ability of the Governor to declare a state of emergency for a public health issue and require legislative approval to extend it.

SB1016 (pharmacies; off-label use; refusal prohibition) by Sen. Townsend (R- LD 16) would prohibit a pharmacist from refusing to fill a prescription for off-label use during a proclaimed public health state of emergency.

SB1045 (minors; gender identity; reassignment; prohibitions) by Sen. Rogers (R- LD 6) would prohibit health professionals from engaging in or causing to be performed any of a list of specified practices on a minor child if the practice is performed for the purpose of attempting to alter the appearance of the minor child or to affirm the minor child's perception of his or her gender or sex, if that perception is inconsistent with the minor child's "biological sex".  A violation of this would be a class 4 felony.

SB1052 (medical procedures; prohibitions) by Sen. Townsend (R-LD 16) would prohibit the state or any political subdivision and any entity doing business in Arizona from requiring an Arizona resident to submit to a vaccination or medical procedure if it could cause the person’s death.

SB1053 (religious exemption; vaccine; violation; classification) by Sen. Townsend (R- LD 16) would make it a class 2 misdemeanor for a person to knowingly violate statutes requiring an employer to provide a reasonable accommodation to any employee whose sincerely held religious beliefs prevent them from taking a COVID-19 vaccine.


SB1331 (international medical graduates; licensure; accreditation) by Sen. Barto (R-LD 15) would require the Arizona Medical Board to grant a license to practice medicine in Arizona to an international medical graduate who is a resident of an is licensed to practice in any of a list of ten countries if the person meets
other specified requirements. International medical programs may apply to the Board for accreditation.

MCMS Policy Positions
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