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Why join a Committee?

Maricopa County Medical Society (MCMS) knows physicians, residents, and medical students are busy people. Yet, its coming together for a collective cause such as organized medicine and the well being of all physicians across the state is why participating in committees is important. 

You don't have to worry about a heavy time commitment as the MCMS Board and staff are currently working ensure your participation is both reasonable and impactful per your other life commitments. 

Connections Committee:

Help the medical society craft socials, CME , and other fun events and activities the membership might enjoy. 


  • Hiking club

  • Book club

  • Happy hours

  • Wine tastings

  • Quarterly in-person or virtual CME talks

Fadul, Zaid MD_edited.jpg

Zaid Fadul, MD, FS, FAAFP

Connections Committee

Entrepreneur Committee:

Fadul, Zaid MD_edited.jpg

Zaid Fadul, MD, FS, FAAFP

Help put ideas together that fuel physician entrepreneurship and self improvement. Committee ideas will foster physician well-being and help physicians financially. 

Some examples are:

  • Side income opportunities

  • New career options

  • New investment opportunities

Entrepreneur Committee

Policy Committee:

MCMS members deserve greater representation on the issues that matter to physicians across state and federal levels. Volunteers will help guide MCMS in determining which policies to support or oppose.

Why you should join:

  • Be heard (what you may be experiencing, so might your peers)

  • Review policy issues such as reimbursement rates, prior auths, and much more

  • Help make policy recommendations

Lyons, Jane MD_edited.jpg

Jane Lyons, MD

Policy Committee

Practice Committee:

AnnCheriFoxxLeach Insta.jpg

Ann Cheri Foxx-Leach, MD, D.ABA

While MCMS represents the interests of all physicians in any employment setting, there is a special interest in helping physicians in private practice to thrive. The medical society historically has been involved in many facets of private practice which have included launching and running a medical practice. This committee will look to find ways to increase physician, resident, and medical student knowledge on private practice. 

Why you should join:

  • Learn how to share tips and lessons learned from launching and running a private practice 

  • How to work with ACOs

  • How to buy into a practice, sell a practice, merge with another group

  • Recruiting and hiring staff, comparing different softwares that will help practices 

Practice Committee

Medical Student Committee:

At MCMS medical students from all five medical schools in Maricopa County are represented by a student member of each school. Student representatives from Mayo Clinic, Alix School of Medicine, University of Arizona, College of Medicine - Phoenix, Creighton University, Midwestern University, and A.T. Still University share ideas on how to better support medical students

Why you should join:

  • Share with the committee members better ways to engage medical students across Maricopa County medical schools

  • Share how MCMS can support medical students through different types of engagement throughout the year.

Sarah Osborne Carpinelli square.jpg

Sarah Osborne-Carpinelli, OMS-IV

Med Student Committee
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