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Benefits of Being a Member of Maricopa County Medical Society

For over 129 years, Maricopa County Medical Society (MCMS) has continued to evolve its services to better meet the needs of its member physicians across the county and throughout Arizona. 

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Opportunities

Patient Referrals

  • Connecting patients across Maricopa County and Arizona to MCMS member physicians. MCMS's Find a Physician Directory connects patients with a physician that best meets their medical needs.

  • Patients can also call MCMS's Referral line (602) 252-2844 at their convenience to find a physician that meets their medical needs. 

  • Through over 5,000 referrals in 2020 to MCMS member physicians, MCMS helps physicians and patients come together to using multiple platforms. 

Professional Referrals

  • Connecting member physicians with vetted private companies, government organizations and business professionals. 

  • Helping attain discounts that help member physician practice's bottom line.

  • Introducing member physicians of different specialities to one another to increase patient care. 

Networking Opportunities

  • Seasonal in person and virtual events that focus on physicians' business and education needs.

  • Webinars and teleconferences focused on pressing issues in healthcare.

  • Annual event that highlights a prominent national physician and recognizes MCMS physician members for their work in the community.

Arizona Physician Magazine

  • A quarterly print magazine that is circulated to over 12,600 physicians in Maricopa County, the nation's fifth largest concentration of physicians.

  • A digital magazine, Arizona Physician Digital that reaches physicians in Maricopa County and across Arizona.

  • Arizona Physician and its precursor Round-Up have been reaching Maricopa County physicians since 1955.

  • The magazine is sent to Maricopa County physicians in both print and digital format.

  • The magazine focuses on healthcare topics that are important to physicians around the state and includes articles from experts in the medical and business fields.


Arizona Physician Podcast

  • Podcast episodes containing important healthcare topics to all physicians in Arizona.

  • Guests include Arizona Physician article contributors, healthcare business professionals, and member physicians. 

  • Listening platforms include Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Tune In.

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Maricopa County Marketplace

  • Current and prospective physician members can place online advertisements of jobs/services they have a need for.

  • Postings are showcased for 90 days and are FREE for members with nominal fees for prospective physician members. 

  • Current and prospective physician members can post for their practices, job openings for all levels of medical professionals and office staff. They can also post for services such as selling/leasing of buildings and other services.

  • MCMS will increase traffic to Maricopa County Marketplace through its digital and social media platforms, increasing opportunities for viewership.

Source and Credential Verification Services 

  • Founded in 1987, Greater Arizona Central Credential Program (GACCP) is the largest credentialing program in Arizona currently holding contracts with over 100 hospitals, managed care plans, and clinics. MCMS member rebate on initial application. Call GACCP at (602) 256-0705 or visit GACCP online.

Collections Services

  • The Bureau of Medical Economics (BME) provides specialized collection of delinquent medical accounts. Since 1951, BME is one of the largest medical collection agencies in the state. Members enjoy a discounted rate on BME services. Call BME at (602) 252-3469 or 800-439-8561 or visit BME online.

Policy Advocacy:

  • In partnership with the Arizona Medical Association (ArMA), MCMS strives to represent member physicians at the Arizona Legislature to promote positive change in health policy.