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Our Mission

The mission of Maricopa County Medical Society (MCMS) is to promote excellence in the quality of care and the health of the community, and to represent and serve its members by acting as a strong, collective physician voice.


MCMS is focused on supporting physicians throughout their careers. We exist to ensure physicians' voices are heard and that they are working to advance patient care and the profession of medicine for generations to come. To those ends, we also support medical students, residents, retired physicians, and the wide variety of organizations that employ physicians in today's healthcare system.

MCMS runs businesses that support the medical community and oversees a 501(c)(3) non-profit Academy of Medical Science of Maricopa County. Read more about our History.

Meet the 2023 Board of Directors

MCMS is unabashedly in favor of physicians. We will work hard to ensure all physicians have a voice in the future of healthcare in the valley.


My goals for 2023 are to:

  • Rebuild the social fabric and camaraderie of the local medical community. Make friends. Connect with others for referrals. Support one another for research and improvements in clinical care.

  • Increase the value of membership. We want to help you to save money, learn about changes in healthcare, and leverage the medical society as a help desk throughout your career.

Please join me on this journey. Here are a few ways you can participate:

  • Host a social event at your practice, clinic, or hospital.

  • Get interviewed for our Arizona Physician magazine.

  • Share your story on our Arizona Physician podcast.

  • Tell us what discounts or member benefits you would like to receive.

  • Volunteer for a committee.

Fadul, Zaid MD_edited.jpg

Zaid Fadul, MD, FS, FAAFP
Board President

Board Executive Committee

Lyons, Jane MD_edited.jpg

Jane Lyons, MD


Vishal Verma, MD, MBA

AnnCheriFoxxLeach Insta.jpg

Ann Cheri Foxx-Leach, MD, D.ABA

Ricardo Correa1_edited.jpg

Ricardo Correa, MD, Ed.D
Past President

Board Directors


Kishlay Anand, MD
Board Director


Jay Arora, MD
Board Director


Deepika Razia, MD
Resident Director

Rishi, Rahul DO_edited.jpg

Rahul Rishi, DO
Board Director

Sarah Osborne Carpinelli square.jpg

Sarah Osborne-Carpinelli, OMS-IV
Medical Student Director


Karyne Vinales, MD
Board Director

Become Involved -Join A Committee

Become involved in MCMS, join a committee. MCMS is making it easier for physicians to participate in important committees yet require only a reasonable level of participation to make a difference.


In this committee, the focus will be on social, CME, and any other fun events that members would like to see physicians participate in throughout the year.


In this committee members will learn about side income opportunities, career options, ways to invest, and more.


In this committee members will review policy issues affecting physicians across Arizona (reimbursement rates, prior authorization, etc.)


This committee will focus on finding ways to help member physicians in private practice as well as helping physicians who may be considering it . 

Meet the MCMS Staff

Desire'e Hardge MBA 1.jpg

Desire'e Hardge, MBA
CEO & Executive Director

Desire'e M. Hardge, MBA, serves as the CEO and Executive Director of MCMS.  Desire’e joins MCMS with over 18 years of combined experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She has strategically led organizations through business development and community relations to help acquire capital, operational scaling for growth and expansion, sustaining and improving client retention, fundraising, market and brand recognition, and campaign management.


Desire'e holds a Master of Business Management (MBA) from the University of Phoenix and has numerous certificates, including Executive Leadership from Social Venture Partners (SVP-AZ). She is a development business board advisor, Co-Author "Upward: Leadership Lessons for Women on The Rise" (March 2021), and an alumnus of Collaborative 2019.


In 2024, Desire'e has six areas of focus for MCMS:


  • Helping physicians and their medical practices succeed

  • Physician advocacy at the state and federal level

  • Physician and community networking

  • Membership growth and retention

  • Building partnership allies in business and the community

  • Operational and financial excellence


Looking ahead, Desire'e is determined to continue making a meaningful impact at MCMS. Her vision includes making MCMS become a more prominent and recognizable organization throughout Arizona, to contribute to the advancement of physicians and their medical practices, and the overall well-being of the physician community. Additionally, she hopes to help close gaps in the healthcare community and foster better relations among physicians, other healthcare professionals, and community stakeholders.

Edward A.jpg

Edward Araujo
Director of Marketing and Communications

Lauren Inglese.jfif

Lauren Inglese
Membership Coordinator

Lucy Luan.jfif

Lucy Luan
Membership Coordinator

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