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Bureau of Medical Economics

The Bureau of Medical Economics (BME) provides specialized collection of delinquent medical accounts. Every account is treated with professionalism and diligence, and ethical collection procedures effectively recover your money quickly and affordably. In addition, BME deftly adjusts to shifting requirements and constraints that define healthcare business operations today. Call for a free accounts receivable analysis and a customized quote.


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Call BME at 602-252-3469 or 800-439-8561.

Greater Arizona Central Credentialing Program

Greater Arizona Central Credentialing Program (GACCP) has been servicing the needs of healthcare providers since 1987. GACCP is one of the oldest credentialing verification services in the country, and one of the few remaining medical society sponsored credential verification organization (CVOs). Their extensive experience accompanies a fresh, new approach to a much-needed service in the primary source verification industry. This includes production and maintenance of credentialing information and clinical record audit. GACCP has a complete spectrum of competitively priced services that offer clients flexible choices for stand-alone capabilities or complete packages.

Making a good choice in partnering with the right CVO involves responsibility, not only to the integrity of your own organization and the nature of the information at hand but also to your internal staff and the healthcare Providers who embody your organization. GACCP promises flexibility, quality, and fast turn-around times at incomparably low rates; and we deliver! A delivery that comes consistently with what sets GACCP apart from others in the industry, the very basic but powerful value of exemplary customer service.


Visit GACCP online at

Call GACCP at 602-256-0705

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